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* Transparent ABS front cover permeable to light, water splashing proof, corrosion resisting, ageing resisting. 

* Adopts patent heating technology- enclosed loop heating system with less heating loss

* Multi-layer structure heating chamber form a long circulating water channel, no limescale, long lifespan.

* Electricity leakage protection, anti-scalding protection, over-pressure and over temperature protection. Water and electricity isolation protection

* Direct temperature setting, automatically thermostat, the hot water temperature will be constant. Automatic memory function avoid repeated operation

* LED widescreen touch display screen to show the working condition、setting temperature and outlet temperature.

* Power consumption and water consumption display. 

* Fault auto-detection technique, the cause will be displayed automatically while failure.


XFJ70FTCH - Vatnshitari á vegg - 230/7,5 kw

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