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Instant Hot Water Tap, 3200W Electric Water Heater Tap with Digital Display, 360° Rotatable Stainless Instant Heater Faucet


High-power quick heating: Equipped with 3300W stainless steel built-in heating tube, high-power rapid heating; the water outlet temperature is inversely proportional to the water output, the larger the water volume, the lower the water temperature; it provides convenience for your domestic water.

High-quality materials: built-in 304 stainless steel heating tube group, three-dimensional rotary heating, rapid heating, no patina, not easy to generate scale, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; combined with precise ceramic valve chips, durable.

Safe and efficient: This product adopts water and electricity separation, channel integrated design, no leakage of electricity and water; and has multiple protection functions, leakage protection, over-temperature protection, dry-burning protection, grounding protection, explosion-proof protection; combined with water and electricity isolation design, comprehensive protection for you water safety.

Features: This product is equipped with LED colorful gradient atmosphere lights to add warmth to your life; it is equipped with a liquid crystal temperature display module, allowing you to control the temperature in real time and use it as you like; plus a hot and cold free adjustment rod, a water-saving bubbler; it is your product An excellent choice for your needs.

Easy to use: This product is designed for you and can be easily installed without any tools. The line plug can be placed above or below the sink according to the situation; the faucet can be freely rotated 360° to maximize the water supply area.

TK32A - Krani með innb. hitara 230/3,2 kw eldhús

SKU: 02-TK32A
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