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1. Dual Heating System

Water Tank Inside

   Firstly water tank work as electric storage water heater to heat up the water temperature between 25°C and 30°C. After that, it stops to heat. Moreover, it can refill cold water automatically if water level is lower.


Cast Aluminium Heating Element

   Cast aluminium heating element as instant heating system will automatically heat up the water from water tank. That is really helpful to Shorten the heating time of electric storage water heater.


2. High Water Capacity

Voltage: 220-240V

Water Tank: 25L/30L

Instant Heating Power: 5.5kW/7kW


Even if there is 25L electric tank water heater, its water capacity can be at least 100L/h. The higher inlet water temperature, the more hot water you get.


How to get hot water at all times?


When you set outlet water temperature at 42°C, led display will flicker if the temperature is less than 42°C. If you adjust the tap with lower flow rate, the water temperature will come back to 42°C and the led display will not flicker. The instant heating element is a great help to heat up the water with the right flow rate like as electric instant water heater. 


3. High Performance

– Raising Efficiency: only required to preheat 10min in Winter if water in tank run out.

– Smart Control: Soft and sensitive touch key / WIFI function.

– Preset Modes with clearly led display: ECO mode, Comfort mode, Bathtub mode, Smart mode.        

– Multiple Protection: equipped with electricity guard device, IP4 water-proof, dry heat/overheat/over pressure protection.


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