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Electric System Boilers

  • This model is a single heating type, equipped with a circulation pump and expansion vessel.
  • Features include WiFi control, timing startup and shutdown functions, double dry-heating protection, and an automatic anti-freezing function.
  • The hot water cylinder can be controlled by the electric boiler to supply domestic hot water.


  • The design is compact, suitable for wall mounting, and aesthetically pleasing, fitting well in modern homes.
  • The boiler can work in conjunction with a buffer tank or cylinder to provide domestic hot water.


  • This system boiler is designed for residential use, providing central heating and can be adapted for hot water supply.
  • It features a unique patent heating element known for high efficiency.

Advanced Functionalities

  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with touch keys and an LED display for easy operation and monitoring.
  • Safety and Protection: Includes double dry-heating protection and an automatic anti-freezing function for enhanced safety.
  • Fault Auto-Detection: Incorporates advanced techniques for automatic detection of faults, ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • Ultra-Low Noise Operation: Engineered to work with minimal noise, enhancing user comfort in a residential setting.

Suitable Application Scenarios

  • Ideal for residential properties requiring efficient heating solutions.
  • Suitable for homes with underfloor heating systems or those needing a flexible radiator heating option.

BE09S Vatnshitari - fyrir gólfhitun 9,5kw 230/400 volt

SKU: 02-BE09S
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